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Accredited Surgical Center

Our accredited surgical center is truly one of a kind. Because we specialize in maxillofacial surgery (facial reconstruction), our patients can expect an experience that far surpasses that of most standard hospitals. Our sole focus on this area of expertise in combination with our elite medical staff means that our results are unparalleled in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery.

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Better Quality Results

The key lies in our ability to function as a hospital without the pitfalls that are often associated with one. Our smaller size means we operate like a hospital suite, where patients receive the same level of quality care, combined with hyper-focused expertise that comes from performing the same surgeries over and over to perfection. This allows us to give each patient a higher level of concentrated attention that equates to better quality results. When choosing us, patients gain access to our higher standards of care without paying the absorbent costs that often come with larger hospital experience.


Utmost Care

At the heart of our process is our staff. Each surgery is performed by an MD with the assistance of a board-certified anesthesiologist—a true rarity in our field. All procedures are supported by a team of registered nurses who are ready to provide you with the utmost care, whether your visit is in-and-out or requires an overnight stay. From the attendant who takes your initial call to the doctor performing your surgery, every step of the way is carried out by experts in our profession.

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